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Littman Krooks Testimonials

Read what clients have to say about Littman Krooks:

Littman Krooks LLP has provided the ultimate legal professional services to my family. I have a special needs daughter who is 37 years old and my wife, who due to health issues, has been largely confined to bed for years. Littman Krooks has succeeded in obtaining Medicaid coverage for both my daughter and my wife. This has enabled my daughter to obtain an OPWDD Self Direction budget which has been enormously helpful in allowing her to live semi-independently for the first time. Getting my wife Medicaid coverage has allowed her to receive the services of a wonderful health aid. This has given me some time for myself away from being a full time caregiver.

Littman also worked with us to create an estate plan carefully crafted to our individual circumstances that is critical to our future. They did all of this with friendly, personal and empathic attention to details. Their expertise in special needs services in New York State and the related system and law is unmatched in the legal profession and has proven invaluable to my family. I highly recommend using their services.

Thank you, Littman Krooks! We greatly value being your clients.

-Stephen Heyman

4 months ago Mom was sent to a nursing home for rehab and then was transferred to long term care. We fought long and hard to get her out and bring her home. We were given excuse after excuse as to why she needed to stay there. Without Nicholas Khayumov and his team none of this would have been possible! Mom is now home where she belongs being cared for by her family. We are looking forward to many happy days ahead. We cannot thank you enough!

-Carol Marinaccio

Everyone was polite and helpful. They were straightforward with what they could fight for and what they couldn’t. No complaints.

-Elizabeth Gonzalez

I cannot rave enough about working with Brian Miller and the team at Littman and Krooks. They honestly made me feel like family. The soft, non pushy approach and knowledge of their subject area is not only comforting, but reassuring. I even recommend them to my daughter-in-law and son! Now that’s confidence!

-Jane Romm

Sandi Rosenbaum is a gem! I am grateful for her expertise in the complicated world of special needs services. I was truly frustrated with the process to get my son the services he so rightly deserved. Sandi worked hard to help us and I am so thankful to her. Nothing is ever “too difficult” for her; she somehow gets it all done competently and with kindness and understanding. I rest easy knowing that Sandi is on the case.

-Jessica Cunningham

They are amazing. I would like to say that Littman Krooks LLP is the best law office I have ever worked with. Everyone at this firm was very knowledgeable, patient, kind and very understanding throughout the entire process of my case. I would recommend them to everyone and I will forever be grateful to Arshi, Nicole and Littman Krooks. They are amazing a great at what they do.

-Miosotys Martinez

I have been very satisfied with the legal services provided at Littman Krooks. Amy O’Hara Esq. is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. Parents of children with special needs should feel very comfortable in using their services to prepare their estate for maximal benefit. I have also consulted Amy O’Hara and her staff on many other issues such as questions about social services and guardianship reporting. They are always very responsive. Highly recommend.

Laura Carinci

Nicholas Khayumov and staff were very professional and courteous. We felt very comfortable working with them.

-Marjorie Ramirez

I was very fortunate to have the support and expertise of Marion Walsh from the Littman Krooks firm. Ms Walsh was of great assistance in helping me deal with a hospital doctor who refused to discharge a mental health patient although acknowledging a hospital was not an appropriate setting. The doctor’s cohorts attempted to intimidate me into agreeing to a procedure that was repeatedly refused. Ms Walsh was a caring advocate always providing the appropriate advice on how to proceed and always following through on everything discussed. Every email, text and phone call was returned in a timely manner. I felt supported and grateful to have her on my side.

-Phyliss Bullion

I would like to say that Littman Krooks LLP is the best law office I have ever worked with. Everyone at this firm was very knowledgeable, patient, kind and very understanding throughout the entire process of my case. I was kept up to date about everything every step of the way. I am so happy that I was referred to this law firm and I am even happier with the results received. I would recommend Littman Krooks LLP to any and everyone I know.

-Marsha Edmondson

Nicholas. Khayumov was referred to me by trusted friends who had worked with him concerning their elderly parents. I am so glad that I heeded their advice and worked with him concerning my own family.

Mr. Khayumov is an excellent attorney: it was immediately evident that he knows the intricacies of law pertaining to the elderly, and he knows how to explain it, patiently and clearly–focusing on the broad picture but also understanding how certain aspects of the law (for example, health care, estate planning, etc.) are specifically relevant to individual clients. In other words, Mr. Khayumov takes the time to patiently listen to his elderly clients, asks questions, and clarifies when necessary. Moreover, his genial, respectful warmth and straightforward way of interacting puts people at ease about subjects that often can be uncomfortable or confusing, irrespective of one’s age. I would return to Mr. Khayumov for his legal counsel any time in the future that the need might arise.

-Aisha Khan

I was referred to Littman and Krooks from a previous client. Long story short they did not disappoint, the Doe gave a fight BUT MS Arshi Pal & Marion Walsh fought harder. At the end i was granted what i initially was looking for and ended up getting wayyyyyy more than i could imaging for my son. I’m truly grateful for your hard work and dedication. THANK YOU ?????

-Michelle Cerda

The powerful legal team of Marion Walsh and Sandi Rosenbaum, of Littman Krooks, had the expertise we needed to protect our teenaged son against threats we could never have imagined. They gave us hope and returned our peace of mind after we were shaken by feelings of helplessness and betrayal with people we previously considered our son’s educational support team. Marion and Sandi sincerely cared for our family and supported us as much emotionally as they did legally.

My son is a success story. We will always be grateful for what Marion Walsh and Sandi Rosenbaum accomplished.


My family retained Littman Krooks to assist in a transfer of guardianship case. We were first attracted to the firm’s partner, Amy O’Hara, and her experience with guardianships, special needs, and estate planning. These were all components in our need for services. While Amy was the lead on our case, Joel Krooks and Stephanie Goldstein, were the two attorneys we worked most closely with, along with Brian Miller. We have been very pleased with all of these attorneys. They are very knowledgeable in their fields and made us feel confident from the outset that they would be able to help us with all we required. We have been impressed with their responsiveness to our emails and calls. They are compassionate and understanding with the issues of our case and have been able to fully guide us through the legalities and processes required in our complicated circumstances. Joel, in particular, has been a source of calm and reassurance when things have become particularly stressful. We have been especially comfortable in knowing that Amy is involved in the oversight of our case. Additionally, our contact with all of the staff has been courteous and pleasant. We would recommend Littman Krooks without hesitation—their professionalism, respectfulness and consideration are valuable and important to us as our needs for their services evolve over these next years.

-Lee Voltmer

Nicholas has been a pleasure to work with to guide me with complex elder parent issues. Nick has been very professional, empathetic, very knowledgeable and all the things I would look for in an Elder Attorney. Without hesitation I highly recommend Nicholas Khayumov.

-Jed Share

Arshi Pal, Nicole Garcia, and Marion Walsh are wonderful advocates. There are empathetic, resourceful, and committed to fighting on the behalf of children with disabilities and their families. They have helped my daughter numerous times to get the services she deserved. Thank you Littman Krooks!

-Cinnamon Taveres

My experience at Littman Krooks was beyond Excellent. After my mom was diagnosed with Dementia the Alzheimer’s Association recommended me to this firm for Elder law care services. It is an emotional and daunting experience to navigate all that comes with such a diagnosis, especially regarding long term care planning. However, I Immediately felt at ease when I began working with Laura and Joel. Its absolutely clear that the individuals who work here truly care about what they do. Joel in particular has been an absolute blessing, and has helped my family and I navigate this process in a caring, thoughtful, and professional manner.

-Keisha Munuo

Joel and Amy have been wonderful to me in the care for my daughter Cara Piampiano who is mentally disabled

-Barbara Piampiano

After the passing of our Dad in January, we had an unfortunate situation with another sibling. The event took us completely by surprise and we barely had time to obtain legal help. Laura Brancato with Littman Krooks LLP was referred to us. Not only did Laura accommodate us, but within 24 hours, was able to prepare all necessary details to present our case. The stress was indescribable.

I cannot say enough about Laura’s professionalism, integrity and communication skills. Without a doubt, Laura worked tirelessly on our behalf to represent us in an extremely critical hearing.
Laura’s legal expertise was above and beyond our expectations. She showed genuine care, concern and calm when we were at our lowest.

We will be forever grateful and appreciative to Laura and Littman Krooks LLP for representing us and gaining a successful conclusion in our favor.

-AM Ryan

I highly recommend Littman Krooks for all of your child’s educational needs. Arshi Pal and Nicole Garcia have worked with both of my children on three impartial hearings and annual IEP meetings over several years. They are an amazing team who follow through from the beginning of the process until your child receives everything that they need to succeed. In addition, they follow-up to ensure that services are being implemented and are effective. They are available to answer questions and guide you throughout. You will not wait a week for a call back. I would describe Arshi and Nicole as attentive, caring, responsive, reliable, available and strong advocates. I couldn’t ask for a better team!

Rochellie Rivera

Littman Krooks has an excellent reputation, yet my high expectations were exceeded when I became Marion Walsh’s (of LK’s) client. My son, “Rhys” [not his real name], was a student in a (solid) Special Education school, from which he was due to graduate in three years, when I met Marion. My research had led me to conclude that a particular Special Ed high school would be the condign one for Rhys, and I wanted to do all I could to make sure that’s where he ended up. Although this high school is on the NYS “Approved List” — meaning it is private, but Special Ed students can be placed there — it is highly desirable and admissions are competitive; I wanted an attorney to shepherd us through the Admissions process. I contacted LK and met with someone at the firm in NYC. That attorney arranged with me to meet Marion Walsh at her office in LK’s White Plains office because Marion is especially familiar with the school I wanted for my son, in addition to being experienced with every aspect of the annual IEP process, which is crucial when it comes to next-school placement. I met with Marion Walsh, who outlined what we would need to do over the next two years to give Rhys the best shot at the school I wanted for him, as well as to ensure that he be given appealing options besides that school. From that point on, Marion and her team, including Sandi Rosenbaum, were involved in Rhy’s IEP meetings, making sure that these evaluations and final reports, which prospective schools would consider carefully, reflected the best view possible of Rhys’s progress. Marion deftly worked as an intermediary among me, Rhys’s school, and the Committee on Special Education. She pushed for having Rhys’s classification changed from “Emotionally Disturbed” to “Other”, and made sure his IEP cited the strong evidence that justified that change. THAT was a key reason that Rhys was accepted at the school I had hoped he would attend…where he now is a student and is thriving! During the two years I worked with Marion and her team, including Sandi Rosenbaum, they were consistently responsive — routine emails or calls from me would get at least a quick acknowledgment within a few hours; in urgent situations, within 30 minutes — thorough, sympathetic, and highly professional. Because we had several important meetings with the school and CSE during Covid, and those had to be Zoom calls, the meetings were particularly challenging to control – yet Marion managed to guide these meetings assertively, making essential points and being a champion for my son. I highly recommend Marion Walsh and I intend to work with her again when I next have a decision to make about Rhys’s education or training options, or should any problem arise. She’s a superior attorney with a first-rate team.


It was wonderful working with Littman Krooks on my son’s IEP case. We have been able to navigate the system and get the best assessments thanks to their guidance, and I am looking forward to finalizing his school placement with his new school.

-Christina Placilla

Arshi pal and Nicole Garcia are The best at what they do. They advocated for our son’s specials needs case against the doe and fought hard for what he deserved. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the help and effort they put in to helping us. Answering every question and concerns we had along the way while being kind and courteous. Thank you !!

-Zuly Castano

8 years ago, 2012 I hired Littman Krooks for my Mom’s elder care needs. He set up a trust, taught me how to manage it so as to protect her savings, and receive assistance for her long term care needs. The investment in the firm’s services resulted in protecting her assets and approval for government assistance. When you need an attorney for senior care, pick an elder attorney. When you want the best attorney, Littman Krooks comes to mind.

-David P

If you are looking for a professional, smart, knowledgeable, caring, efficient, and effective legal team to help with Estate and Elder care Law, I would heartily recommend Littman Krooks. I have used several other firms in the past for issues pertaining to Elder Care and Estate Planning and have not previously found the high level of service and care that I have at Littman Krooks. This firm resolved a rather complicated issue with an outcome that surpassed my expectations, and even hopes. The process was seamless with promptly returned phone calls and emails, excellent communication and fair pricing. I worked specifically with Bernie Krooks and Laura Brancato.

-Roselle Mironer

I have worked closely with Bernie Krooks, Mitchell Littman, Amy O’Hara and somewhat with Stephanie Goldstein. All are high quality lawyers with a strong work ethic, putting the client first and a long-view of what it means to be a good lawyer. As a lawyer and as a client, I am a big fan.


Very detailed conversation! Highly recommend! Gives great advice! Help with your issue!

-Nalini Pardasey

I hired Littman and Krooks handle both my impartial hearings against the DOE and I have to say that I was impressed. Arshi Pal and Nicole Garcia were amazing. They never lost their patience with me and walked me through every single step. They fought hard and were instrumental to getting my son all the services he is entitled to. I will forever be grateful to Arshi, Nicole and Littman Krooks.

-Betsy Lugo

I saved a small fortune by obtaining the services of Littman Krooks. They walked me through the maize of health care options for my mother. while giving me the tools to protect her assets through the creation of a trust. Their staff is knowledgeable and available for consultations so that elder care management was greatly simplified. thank you

-David P

I was referred to Bernie Krooks for a very important matter that was extremely complex and involved sensitive personal issues. Bernie and his team resolved the matter in a timely and efficient manner.
We are extremely satisfied with the results. The entire Littman Krooks team was always very responsive to our needs and addressed them in a professional and compassionate way. It is our pleasure to recommend Littman Krooks without reservation.

-Melissa Axen

The Littman and Krooks staff are courteous, professional and fully anticipated my family’s legal needs. I highly recommend Littman and Krooks!

-Steve Lander

I originally came to Littman Krooks on another matter. It was quickly brought to my attention that their were other concerns that could be and needed to be addressed with my son. My situation was quickly acted on and handled efficiently and with better success then I even anticipated. The entire staff I had dealings with were personable, caring and knowledgeable. I never had to wait for any questions or concerns regarding the matter in which they were representing me. I would highly recommend Littman Krooks.

-Michelle Hart

My experience with Littman Krooks llp has been amazing. My Attorney Mrs. Pal, the secretaries the entire team work closely together and are invested 100% in obtaining what there clients need. I was always treated with complete respect and importantly they always made sure that all my messages were taken and received by my Attorney.

Mrs. Pal and her team do not miss any details they are on top of everything.
My attorney Mrs.Pal is an exceptional attorney who is dedicated to helping her clients obtain what they need. I am truely greatful for all they have done for my kids.

-E Vargas

I had an excellent consultation experience with them over the phone. It was different than others I had approached. I also enjoy the emails that have great information.

-Alex Thompson

our family relied on the calm caring expertise of the Littman Krooks staff and attorneys to guide us through a difficult time. I have recommend the firm wholeheartedly to other families and will definitely use them again should the need arise.

-Jane Seelin

We are very pleased with the attention to detail that both Marion W and Erica F, our attorneys, provided. That attention is what ultimately led to our positive outcome. The Littman Krooks team, especially Marion and Erica took a difficult situation and made it easier. If you are in need of, knowledgeable, professional attorneys- look no further.

-Mark Nevid

A great firm to work with. I have worked with many of the lawyers at this firm on Supplemental Needs Trusts and Estates for families with disabled relatives. Outstanding!

-Lee Ackerman

Very knowledgeable and professional. They worked extremely well with our Estates lawyer to provide a comprehensive plan.

-Marc Carter

Six years of home instruction and unsuccessful attempts by two prior law firms to help with my child’s case with the DOE, left him in despair– but now he’s THRIVING!…No words are adequate enough to express gratitude to Marion Walsh, a true miracle worker, whose advocacy transformed my child’s life.

-Geraldine Pauling

The professionals at Littman Krooks are top notch, smart, attentive, and effective. Our case against the school district for our daughter was resolved in a positive outcome within weeks. I would highly recommend Marion Walsh for all of your most complicated situations. She has great experience and knows the law!!!!

-Tristi Nichols

Amy O’Hara, Esq, and her support team were first rate in addressing our estate planning needs. They are experts in the field, skilled and quite professional. They were very helpful to us. .

Timothy Brennan

I highly recommend Litman Krooks for special education needs and advocacy. Marion Walsh and Sandi Rosenbaum were able to help us secure the educational services that our child needed, and they did it with extremely little time to prepare. We were very impressed with their responsiveness and willingness to take our case with just a few days notice. Sandi Rosenbaum attended our child’s IEP meeting as a parent advocate, and was extremely knowledgeable about the process, helping us avoid multiple potholes before, during, and after the IEP meeting. We felt confident at all times that we were getting the best possible service, and the IEP outcome that they helped us achieve was exactly what we had been hoping for, and our child needed. We feel that Litman Krooks saved us a great deal of time, money and stress. We will certainly ask them to represent us again in the future if needed.

Susana Martinez-Conde

We have worked with this firm for the last few years. They helped us in setting up a trust and doing our yearly accounting for it. We’ve worked with Amy O’Hara and Stacy Sadove. They are prompt in answering any and all question and give well informed advice. We will definitely continue to use their services in the future.

Toozen P

Bernie Krooks is among the leading Elder Law Attorneys in the country and I have seen how he serves his clients with professionalism, unsurpassed knowledge and true empathy. As an attorney, I have worked with Bernie on a number of cases. I have seen first hand how he exceeds client expectations. Very impressive.


Littman Krooks has been instrumental in helping me with my 89 year old mother’s legal affairs.  They have helped us manage her monetary affairs, taken care of her community Medicaid applications, and been available for great advice.   Alex Doupis(paralegal) worked directly with my mother’s money manager and made everything run smoothly.  Elizabeth Valentin(lawyer) gave great advice when some of my mother’s funds were running low. Honestly, they have been nothing but helpful and easy to worth with- highly recommend!


I am so pleased with Littman Krooks and Elizabeth and
Alexandra. I recently recommended them to a friend in my building!


We came to Littman Krooks about a guardianship for our daughter, and we had an excellent experience.  They were responsive, clear, and everything went better than we had expected.  We’ve been more than happy with their work and wholeheartedly recommend them.

Julie and Ed

I really enjoyed this (special needs professional) workshop. It feels good when you are around people who really care about the kids. Keep up the good work for those of us who are out there trying to make a difference in our schools and community. Thanks again for all the wonderful work that you, the Littman Krooks firm is doing for children with special needs.


Thank you very much for speaking to a small group of parents about planning for the future at Mental Health Association in Orange County. I learned a lot that evening and know that the parents did also. It was a pleasure to sit a bit more informally and discuss the issues that are important to families who have children with developmental disabilities.  It takes many times of hearing about the planning tools for it to make sense for some people. Thank you for your continued support of individuals with developmental disabilities.

A.K., Orange County

I would like to say that I am so grateful to have such a wonderful team like yourself and your support staff who work so hard on behalf of my daughter. This process has been very hard for me and you guys fight for what matters and that’s my daughter. Thanks for the work you and your staff do, it is priceless.


I just want to say thank you very much for all your help in this process. We also got the issue with daycare settled. Our medical is paying for extra care and to transport. I know without your help we would never have gotten all that therapy and services. Thanks again

Mr. J.S.

Littman Krooks LLP, We can’t thank you enough for your support of our program and our students. The valuable experiences the students gain from working in the community help them to plan for future careers, teach them social skills, and expose them to the world of work.

Charles D.

Thank you so much for providing the seminar on Guardianship and Supplemental Needs Trusts. The information is so important for families to know and understand. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to speak with the families.

Larry B.

The Special Needs Planning Seminar was most informative and you provided us with much needed information in a clear and thorough manner.

Jocelyn K.

I would like to thank you for your presentation at our meeting Monday night. It was interesting and informative and very well received ; and you really kept everyone’s attention.

Peggy S.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the professionalism and genuine concern you have already shown toward my family.

Ana T.

I feel that I am simply doing my job when I recommend Mr. Krooks to those needing legal counsel and planning for Medicaid. He is the best!

Ellen, Bronx, NY

Thank you so much for advocating for us. Our family appreciates every thing that you did. My father would have been very happy too. This is wonderful news!


I must tell you the wonderful consultation I had arranged through the Bar Association with Ms. Elizabeth Valentin. She was so very clear, precise and professional that I was able to explore options and gain some hope for a difficult case. I have told everyone how superb your firm is. One feels good right from the first phone call. I will be in touch with Ms. Valentin about next steps.

Carol K.

Once again your firm has helped my mom secure an environment which is safe and tends to her needs. Family issues were resolved between my brother and me for the future safety and care of my mom. This was not an easy task  as my brother and I have had a history of battles which have increased since my dad died in 1990. My battles with parkinsons did not help the situation.

Joseph A., Westchester

I was just thinking about you and how much you have been a blessing in our lives. We’ve only just met and started working together,but I thank God for sending you our way. You are such an important role player in a prestigious company, but yet you are so humble,sweet and kind. It is very rare to find those qualities in someone who is also successful and ambitious. You are indeed a rare find.

Stephanie, Brooklyn New York

Thanks so much for all your hard work. Mom and Dad are doing well in their new home. It’s a world of difference. Enjoy the flowers, the least I could do for all the TLC you’ve given my parents.

Jim C. New York City, NY

Bernie, As you know I was referred by Liz K. I happened to speak to her on Mothers Day at her family’s home in Brooklyn. I told her how, once again, that your firm is the best. I thought I was losing my mother’s assets as well as my inheritance if there was any. Final figures are not in,but the most important factor is that Ely secured my mom’s future needs which is what this is all about. Inheritance is secondary, although important… mom is approaching 85. Once again your firm through Ely did what I thought was impossible. Having Parkinson’s for almost 25 years makes advocacy for my mom, difficult at times..Other times impossible..this is why I needed your company. Therefore a lot of folks saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of mom as well as myself. Thank You soooooooooo Much God Bless

Ted A., Brooklyn, New York

Hi Bernie, I just wanted to drop you a short note of heartfelt thanks from our family. I will always be thankful to you. I look forward to continuing our relationship with the Littman Krooks “family”, and will always recommend you to my friends, family and colleagues. Thank you Bernie, Best to you and yours,

Robert D. Westchester

Dear Bernie, I want to thank you for the help you provided to my sister and I in the process of having our mother admitted to a nursing home. When we told the nursing home that Littman Krooks was representing us and would provide the home with a letter of representation, the entire tenor of the meeting changed. Our application was expedited and our mother was placed in the type of room and on the type of floor we requested. Although moving our mother to the home was the saddest day of my life, I know that my sister and I can deal with my mother’s adjustment to her new life, while your firm handles the bureaucratic headache of the move. Thank you again

Laurie R., Manhattan

Thank you for helping us to prepare our Wills, and especially for showing us how we can use these Wills to name a Guardian for our three young children. It is such a relief to know that, if needed, our children will be cared for by the relative of our choosing.

Mr. & Mrs. G., White Plains, NY

Dear Bernie: Thank you for your contribution to my life, and the lives of the many elderly who have and will continue to be blessed by your expert legal mind. With deep regard, Dr. M.

Dr. M.,Geriatric Care Manager

Thank you for helping my family advocate for the special education services my daughter needed and the positive result you achieved. We are glad that she will finally receive the services she deserves.

Olivia A., Long Island City New York

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for answering my questions in a simple and informative way. You were extremely well versed in Special Needs Trust issues. You did not rush and answered all our questions. I called my referral source and thanked him for sending me to such a wonderful firm.

Sue A., White Plains New York

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for the consultation this afternoon. It was good to meet you and hear some words of hope. I look forward to a just resolution of the problems with Medicaid and feel good about your being on the case.

Linda R., Westchester

When David died, I was having such a difficult time getting through the day. Your caring and compassionate staff handled all of the details of settling David’s estate. This made a difficult time for me a little easier. My family and I thank you.

Mrs. B., Pelham, NY

Bernie – I didn’t really have a choice. We needed the best counsel we could get . . . so that was Littman Krooks. Amy will do a great job. We needed expertise, the ability to see the big picture, and ability to collaborate . . . Regards,

Dennis, Idaho