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Littman Krooks Special Needs Planning Attorneys work for the empowerment of individuals with special needs.

Personal Injury Consulting

Disability and special needs cases may begin with injury resulting from medical malpractice or another tragic event. Often, these injuries result in civil suits with the potential for large settlements. A personal injury attorney can benefit from consulting with a special needs attorney to plan their strategy.

Settlements for applicable plaintiffs with special needs should be arranged in a manner that protects their eligibility for the government programs that often provide a foundation for their medical and financial well-being. Without careful planning, even a large settlement can be consumed by medical and living expenses that would otherwise be handled by Medicare, Medicaid, and SSI.

The objective of a personal injury attorney is to win cases. A special needs attorney will consider the potential ramifications of a win for your client with special needs. Our background in special needs trusts, preservation of public benefits, and tax law can make us a helpful partner the next time you approach a case involving someone with special needs.

Our New York special needs planning attorneys are trained to look at the lifelong implications of each legal decision affecting an individual with special needs. Ee can quickly envision the ripple effect of a financial windfall.

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