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Americans with Disabilities are still Struggling in New York…

Published June 23, 2022

By Joel Krooks, Esq.

The unemployment rate as of May 2022 is at 3.6%, yet many Americans with disabilities are struggling to find jobs. Typically, in tight labor markets the unemployment rate for people with disabilities and without narrows. However, the gap is unfortunately expanding, and it is becoming more and more difficult for individuals with disabilities to get employment opportunities.

It is never easy for an individual with disabilities to obtain employment. As of April 2022, 8.3% of disabled Americans were unemployed. Furthermore, the unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities in New York has more than doubled during the COVID -19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Retail and Hospitality are the sectors that need employees the most, but these jobs can be challenging for people with disabilities. This is because the jobs may be physically demanding or require long hours. In addition, many jobs require physical labor and not all people with disabilities can lift heavy objects. Unfortunately, employers are not doing what is necessary to provide accommodations for disabled employees.

Another challenge that individuals with disabilities face is that Medicaid and certain social security benefits have income and asset limits. This makes it less likely for individuals with disabilities to want to obtain jobs because they could lose their benefits. There is strategic planning that can be done to get around the asset and income limits of government benefits, and we at Littman Krooks can help you navigate this challenging situation.

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