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Reevaluate your investment strategy according to your goals

Published May 23, 2009

An estate plan should be reviewed regularly to make sure it still conforms to your wishes and current economic conditions. During a turbulent economy, such as the one we are experiencing now, it is particularly important to review your investment strategy.

The direction you take your retirement saving plan will depend on your risk tolerance and how close you are to retiring. People who can take a long-term strategy should keep more of their investments in stock than those who will need their assets sooner. In fact, in a down market, new investors can benefit from a majority stock portfolio by buying in low.

Others, however, may benefit more from having their assets in cash, trusts and fixed interest investments. No matter what your situation, a good investment plan requires regular evaluation so that you can be sure your assets are allocated to fit your needs and retirement goals. Seek the advice of your estate planning attorney to make sure you are on the right track.

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